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Dr. Yasmin Bakir, DDS

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Dr Yasmin Bakir graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry.
She enjoys networking with other members of the dental community, listening to fellow dentists sharing their own dental experiences, and learning about new technologies and techniques.

“One of our core reasons for doing the work I do is to keep my patients confidently smiling. I enjoy offering them the highest quality of customer service imaginable.
Dentistry has taught me that compassion is a cornerstone for dentist-patient relationship to ensure well-being. “

Dr Bakir was born and raised in Dubai, U.A.E and moved to Chicago 5 years ago.
She volunteers at Goldie's Place and the ADA Mission of Mercy, which is a rewarding experience. In her free time, Dr. Bakir enjoys painting, travelling, and exploring new cultures.
“Dentistry is my portal to connect with people, to share their circumstances and guide them through recovery. I love serving the community and feel it’s a blessing to be in a field that directly impacts people’s quality of life.”

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University of Illinois


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