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Dr. Pratheek Koneru, DDS

General Dentist
Modern Family Dental Care
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(980) 354-0258

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Professional Statement

From what school and when did you graduate?
The University of Iowa 2010,
Cleveland State University 2013
The Ohio State University College of Dentistry 2019

Favorite type of treatment to execute on patients/Specialized Skills?
Extractions or Root Canal Therapy because patients feel relieved from pain instantaneously.

Hobbies/Interests outside of dentistry?
PlayingTennis, Archery, watching Football (Go Brownies, now panthers as well), love trying out new food places, cooking new dishes, and taking long road trips.

Tell us about your family, kids, pets, etc....
My parents live in Charlotte as well. I have one brother who lives in Minneapolis and a nephew, baby Leo.

Why are you passionate about dentistry?
I personally had lot of dental work done and I understand and can relate to patients' anxiety while in dental chair. Helping patients get over their dental anxiety and creating healthy smiles is the reason I enjoy dentistry the most.

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