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Dr. Ninos Awraham, DDS

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1st Family Dental
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Dr. Awraham graduated from New York University and has been practicing dentistry for nearly 20 years. Dr. Awraham has completed continuing education and advanced training in cosmetic dentistry techniques and technologies to help his patients achieve their greatest smile potential.

Dr. Awraham is a member of the American Dental Association. He places a strong emphasis on making sure our patients receive the treatment that is right for their individual needs and that they are happy with their smile.

Patients enjoy seeing Dr. Awraham because of his easy-going, likable personality and family-friendly approach. In fact, Dr. Awraham is best known to his patients and staff by his first name, Dr. Ninos.

In his spare time, Dr. Ninos plays hockey and travels the country.

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Education & Training

New York University


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