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Dr. Lubab Helay, DDS

General Dentist
1st Family Dental
Phone Number:
(630) 833-8888

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  • General Dentistry

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Professional Statement

Dr Helay graduated from the UIC Dental School and she is involved in continuing education. She believes this will improve her skills and work professionally and keep her knowledge up to date.
Dr Haley loves what she does because she always gains happiness when reducing patients’ pain. She also always makes sure her patients are happy and satisfied with her decisions.
Dr Haley is originally from Baghdad, Iraq. She currently lives in Des Plaines, IL and has lived there for 10 years. She is married to a wonderful husband and has a beautiful daughter. In her free time, she enjoys swimming and reading.
“Some advice I would like to give my patients is to floss twice a day. My profession has been my passion and my dream ever since I was young. I knew that I could grow my social skills and get to know new people every day.”

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