Carreon Family Dentistry

Carreon Family Dentistry

LeJon M Carreon, DDS Family Dentistry

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    Jeff Hoffman

    I’ve been coming here for years and have recommend them to many friends who are also extremely satisfied.
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    Liz Lowham

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    James Jiron

    Great family dentist office that offers Botox
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    Eddie Carrell

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    Don Ortiz

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    Laura Martinez

  7. R

    Rena Hicks

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    Debra Palmisano

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    Karrie Lopezi

    Great professional office with friendly staff. Everyone makes you feel welcome! Love the results from my services.
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    Carmen Alfaro

    Friendly staff clean facility. Explain the different options they were fantastic and I would definitely recommend them.
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    Pam Crawford

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    Carlos Bolivar

    The team here is awesome!
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    Linda Hampton

  14. B

    Bill Berech

  15. c


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    Linda Basile

    Michelle was great had braces and whitening and it has been a great experience
  17. Y

    Yoshida Goto

  18. J

    James Enssle

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    Perry Nunley

    Friendly and professional staff. Thanks!!!
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    john carreon

  21. B

    Brendon Moore

    Everyone is so kind and always making me feel comfortable.
  22. M

    Meredith Roybal

    I had Michelle for my first cavity filler and it was so much shorter and easier than I thought it would be!! :))
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    Cephas Howard

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    Stephen Martin

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    Marv Van Lingen

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    Stefani Levesque

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    Christina Martin

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    Zachary Rauen

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    Delilah Vargas