Varsity Dentistry-Dental Practice of Sang Tran, DDS

Varsity Dentistry-Dental Practice of Sang Tran, DDS

Varsity Dentistry

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  1. C

    Clemente Enriquez

  2. J

    Jenise Shin-Lee

    Kind, effective, efficient, knowledgeable and pain free!
  3. J

    Jeff Schutt

  4. K

    Karen Beuerlein

  5. S

    San tun

  6. J

    Jennifer Blanc

    Best Dentist in Davis!!
  7. J

    Jane Schafer-Kramer

    Thoughtful, relaxed, friendly, very competent care.
  8. M

    Mariah Martin

  9. i


  10. K

    Kathy Dahl

    Most important: Very good finger/hand dexterity. Also, Dr. Tran and staff are always cordial and helpful.
  11. Shannon P.

    Shannon P.

  12. Dorine J.

    Dorine J.

  13. E

    Elvie Cory

  14. J

    Jason Lorgan

    Very friendly and comfortable dental practice!
  15. A

    Alfred Lewis

    Experienced, professional, careful, and personable
  16. B

    Branden Humrich

  17. J

    James Bui

  18. D

    Demewoz Woldegebreal

  19. Linda H.

    Linda H.

  20. D

    Daniel Paikoff

    Dr. Tran is a really cool guy. Very thorough and explains everything quite well.
  21. Mariah M.

    Mariah M.

  22. Dan F.

    Dan F.