Six Month Smiles and LocalMed

Have partnered to bring online scheduling directly from Six Month Smile's provider directory!

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Six Month Smiles and LocalMed have partnered to provide dental practices the ability to offer real-time, online scheduling to patients actively looking to book a Six Month Smile® consultation directly from the Six Month Smiles “Find a Dentist” directory.

Each month, over 30,000 patients research Six Month Smile® cosmetic braces and find a provider in their area at LocalMed makes it easy for these Six Month Smiles patients to go straight from finding a participating provider to scheduling a consultation in one step. LocalMed integrates directly with your practice management system and is able to read avaiabilities and book appointments in real-time.

Not only will your practice be listed in the Six Month Smile directory, but you can choose to enable LocalMed on a variety of sources, including your practice website, facebook, our partner sites and essentailly any web presence that you own and control.

Ensuring that scheduling a Six Month Smile® consultation with your practice is convenient for patients actively seeking this treatment is an easy way to gain more clients and enhance your current marketing efforts.